How to optimize healthcare & warehousing thanks to location services.

3 Gifs Explaining Why You Need Location Tracking in Your Hospital

Firstly, you can see the real-time situation in your hospital on a live map, tracking patients, staff, and equipment within 3 feet. When any of these patients or caregivers press a button on Locatible bracelet, we can send an alert with… Continue Reading →

Locatible at Arab Health 17 the Biggest Healthcare Event in The Middle East

We would like to thank participants and organizers of Arab Health 17 and many of you who stopped by our stand at Arab Health 2017 in Dubai. It was a great experience bringing a lot of networking opportunities and a great opportunity… Continue Reading →

Warehousing Innovation Buzzwords You Can’t Miss in 2017

IoT, Digitization, Visibility, Predictive Analytics, Cloud, Smart Technologies… mention a buzzword and Locatible might be one of the warehousing/supply chain leaders in the area. Seriously…

Not Enough Hospital Beds? You Don’t Need More Beds Thanks to Accurate Data

The CDC calculated that given a 275-bed hospital if the average length of stay could be reduced by just 4 hours, that would be equivalent to adding 10 additional hospital beds to the facility. The Length of stay is the leading KPI,… Continue Reading →

Aerodynamics #4: The Take-Off

This analogy compares the launch of a logistics innovation to the take-off of an airliner. In this case, we will focus on a new, leading-edge technology initiative and the preparation and discipline that are critical components of every SUCCESSFUL aircraft,… Continue Reading →

Top 7 Supply Chain Blogs to Follow on Twitter

Talking Logistics Follow @talkinlogistics Adrian Gonzalez is a leading industry analyst with more than 17 years of research experience in the field. Talking Logistics is an online weekly talk show (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00 ET) and blog featuring industry… Continue Reading →

Locatible a Key Partner of Kenco, One of The Largest Warehousing Companies in U.S.

Finally, we are publicly announcing our partnering with Kenco, one of the largest warehousing 3PL companies in North America as you could read in industry-leading SDC Executive. Locatible is a key provider in our innovation strategy, developed by Kenco Innovation… Continue Reading →

Why Is Manual Warehouse Optimum Routing So Inefficient?

Travel time accounts on average for 50% of total order picking time.Tompkins, J.A., Facilities Planning While the order picking process is the most laborious of all warehouse processes, travel time takes up on average 50% of total order picking time…. Continue Reading →

Locatible Warehouse Tracking Explained in a 2 Mins Video

Locatible is the next generation, real-time location tracking solution for Distribution Centers and warehousing with +/- 5cm accuracy. We track inventory, lift trucks and truck...

Aerodynamics #3: “What is Airmanship?”

  What does it look like? How do you know when you see it? And how does it apply to the world of logistics? I will try and explain what is a very broad concept. To do this I will… Continue Reading →

How Do Smart IoT Clamp Trucks / Forklifts Work?

  Locatible has developed the next generation smart clamp trucks / fork lifts combining IoT with +/- 5cm location accuracy and Big Data. Let’s have a closer look at how smart clamp truck technology can help logistics and bring operational… Continue Reading →

How to Decrease the Number of Forklifts / Clamp Trucks by 15-20%?

Using the latest technology can bring logistics into the next level of efficiency. Technology advances like indoor location, smart clamp trucks, IoT, Big Data bring ROI which can be counted in months while completely redesigning inefficient processes in logistics facilities…. Continue Reading →

Fewer than 20% to 30% of warehouses are “efficient.”

Fewer than 20% to 30% of warehouses are "efficient." a very large proportion of warehouses are operating at or below 50% system efficiency.Georgia Institute of Technology, Benchmarking Warehouse Performance

Aerodynamics #2: The Flight Plan and the logistics Supply Chain

  In today’s analogy we will compare the pilot’s flight plan to the logistics manager’s supply chain. Or, in aviation vernacular, “How do we get there from here? “. The how-do- we-get-there is really basic. We have a point of departure… Continue Reading →

What is the ROI of IoT Enabled Warehouse?

IoT enabled warehouse with accurate location tracking has the potential to move logistics facilities to the next level of operational excellence thanks to Big Data, knowing the real-time whereabouts of all inventory and clamp trucks, optimum routes and more. Let’s have a… Continue Reading →

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