big data logistics

Locatible has engineered next generation location tracking technology for large warehouses as first announced by the global leader in business intelligence Eye For Transport.

Big Data solves big problems

Through our ability to locate company inventory and clamp trucks to the nearest +/-5cm in real time, Locatible have as a result been able to turn up the heat when it comes to Big Data, predictive analytics and KPIs bringing operational excellence to the logistics world.

Managers are now able to easily gauge the UPMH of any clamp truck and individual driver at any given time, the length of time a truck spends in a stow and whether drivers are taking the most efficient route available to them. Locatible can show them the optimum stows, docks and doors taking away any guess work and the lost time that might come along with it.

Locatible’s predictive analytics on clamp truck performance and inventory gives users crucial insight into warehouse productivity levels they can tell what is going to happen, not only the past. Locatible will also tell managers whether drivers are making the same mistakes repeatedly and thus put additional training measures in place if needed. Managers can also see on screen how drivers’ performance has been on any particular day or during any particular carry.

We will be explaining more on our blog in following weeks. The next post will cover the next generation Big Data enabled clamp trucks. So follow us on Twitter or Subscribe.

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