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IoT enabled warehouse with accurate location tracking has the potential to move logistics facilities to the next level of operational excellence thanks to Big Data, knowing the real-time whereabouts of all inventory and clamp trucks, optimum routes and more. Let’s have a closer look at how the Next Generation Warehouse by Locatible can generate huge ROI. For a detailed projection you can download this ROI breakdown.

No more manual reading of inventory

The clamp truck through its on board AI (artificial intelligence) and accurate location tracking knows automatically what it has picked up and where to stow. This completely eliminates the need for manual reading of inventory.

No more misplaced inventory and no more searching

With real-time location and +/- 5cm accuracy, inventory inventory is now stowed with 100% accuracy. There’s no misplaced inventory, thus no need for inventory auditors and no time is lost searching for items.

Accurate data for planning and performance monitoring

Accurate data for clamp trucks and inventory are now available this allows managers much improved planning and bench-marking. Any training opportunities for specific drivers are easily spotted. There is also accurate data on optimum routes, speed, time in stow, UPMH per hour. These are just a few examples of data available with Locatible Next Generation Warehouse.

Less clamp trucks needed and improved driver efficiency

The need for clamp truck can be reduced by 10 – 20% thanks to automating the work process, no more manual reading of inventory, accurate location of all inventory, clamp trucks with screens with real-time information about current tasks and benchmarking performance. This has the ability to lower significantly the costs of maintenance, fuel, drivers and renting of clamp trucks. Read our post about warehouse optimum routing and why it can’t be optimal when done manually by drivers.

Increased UPMH, reduced departure delays and improved overall performance

Warehouse operation is seamless, the processes are real-time, bottlenecks are removed, inbound and outbound UPMH is increased, all inventory is in correct stows, drivers are using optimum routes, any changes in job list can be done in real-time, loading is done in timely manner. All this is reality in the Next Generation Warehouse.

As a result, the ROI of Next Generation Warehouse can be reached in a matter of months and a DC can save close to $2 million over a 3 year period (based on a 750,000 ft2 distribution centre).

For the full breakdown of ROI download this spreadsheet or read more about how the Next Generation Warehouse works.