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IoT, Digitization, Visibility, Predictive Analytics, Cloud, Smart Technologies… mention a buzzword and Locatible might be one of the warehousing/supply chain leaders in the area. Seriously…

IoT in Warehousing 2022

By connecting inventory, lift truck operators and trailers with managers in real-time optimization and efficiency of a warehouse is enabled to reach next level. Everything in a warehouse is interconnected what enables managers to use predictive analytics, do decisions immediately, save the time needed for decision making and communication.

Location Tracking in Warehousing 2022

Most warehouses of today are still using barcodes and RFID tracking solutions which are not real-time and require a lot of manual work like reading tags, searching for inventory. This is going to change. Thanks to our location platform we know in real-time where inventory, lift trucks and trailers are with 100% accuracy, using our +/- 5cm location tracking. On top of that, we can do this with costs comparable with currently deployed RFID tracking systems.

Smart Lift Trucks in 2022

Smart lift trucks know what they do and know what they are supposed to do next. Fitted with tablets, they tell operators if a correct item was picked up and where the next item is located, including optimum routing. If drivers do any mistake, smart lift trucks know about it and alert drivers. Managers, on the other hand, can see performance analytics for each lift truck operator. This technology can decrease the number of lift trucks needed by more than 15%.

Analytics and Predictive Analytics in Warehousing 2022

Being able to use predictive analytics is a cornerstone of any efficient planning. As an example, knowing a performance of your lift truck drivers and predicting future occupancy of your warehouse you might decide that instead of 10 previously planned lift truck operators for tomorrow, you would only need 8. This is because now, you know that 8 over-performing operators are available for that day.

Visibility in Warehousing 2022

Misplaced inventory is a big deal in large warehouses. Finding out where the inventory is, costs lot of time and money. WMS and RFID know where inventory is supposed to be but not where it really is. This is where Locatible comes in. Now, you can see any inventory, lift truck or trailer item in real-time on a live map and see all the necessary analytical data needed to plan and recognize bottlenecks in your material flow.

And the best of all mentioned above is that all of this is available right now for your warehousing company. We have many installations and pilots scheduled with large warehousing companies in 2017 and we are looking forward to doing our part in bringing innovation to warehousing and supply chain in 2017.