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The Big Picture Analogy

There is a lot more in common with flying a modern Airliner and the modern world of real time locator systems (RTLS) for both logistics & healthcare then first comes to mind.

But before I try and explain my theory let me explain how I arrived here in the first place. There is an exciting high tech company based out of Dublin Ireland with offices also in Boston.

I was aware of their system and one day a light came on! Why not apply this state of the art RTLS to the logistics environment after all we all want to find & track our assets so a year later we have a new state of the art system we call a game changer The Next Generation Logistics.

Now back to Aero Dynamics

You see when you fly an airliner at over 500 mph at 40,000 feet you don’t really have time to compose flowery phrases and complex prose at 10 miles a minute you need one thing and one thing only. (Yes here is where we go back to the Aero Dynamics analogy)

“Situational Awareness ” aviation lexicon

See the real picture in real time, get the big picture, or on aviation lingo have the full “Situational Awareness.”
You see that real time, big picture, big data is critical both worlds. That is one of the most vital, overarching common requirements to both flying & logistics.

What are the challenges needs and requirements to make both these complex and fluid environments succeed and grow? There are a myriad factors and components but none more vital than timely and accurate information. The pilot relies on is instruments to accurately tell him where he is and where he is going. He relies on ATC (Air Traffic Control) to help him navigate the busy sky and he monitors his radar to scan for dangerous weather in his path.

The Manager of a large logistics operation uses and needs much the same kinds of information flow and accuracy as the pilot of a modern airliners requires.

His instruments are his real time dashboards his ATC is his dispatch and coordination center his radar is his real time tracking and analyzing his KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

So as you can see there is a real and measurable similarities between these two forms of transportation systems and components.

More on the Aero Dynamics of Logistics in my next blog we will analyze and explore the vital importance of the flight plan or in other words the supply chain.

In the meantime have a safe trip & Happy Landings!

Capt. Matt

MattCaptain Matt Sheehy is presently involved in Business Development (Canada) for Locatible. He is also the Director (Canada) of Jetana LLC, an international security consulting company with its head office based in Kalispell, Montana, USA. A retired Air Canada Captain with 37 years of experience as a commercial pilot. Matt is an internationally recognized security expert and served over his career in various roles and capacities at CALPA, ACPA and ALPA Int’l. During the dark days immediately after 9/11, Matt was the key person that developed and formatted the ACPA Security Committee.