Digital Task Lists by Locatible

The Quiet Revolution

Benefits of Digital Task Lists.

  • No Paper
  • Auto update direct to Operator
  • Send Cuts, Changes, Exception direct to Operator
  • Stack up Task Lists
  • Direct to Stow / Door
  • See Real-Time Progress
  • Communicate Directly through Locatible Chat
features Features
Save 8 - 30% /year
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  • Time
    Reduce Time Waste
  • Chat
    Instant Locatible Chat
  • Instant
    Special Instructions
Labor Costs
Labor Costs
Reduce by upto 30%
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  • Real-Time
    Progress View
  • Auto
    Cuts / Changes
  • Auto

View TaskLists on Tablets or Phones

TaskLists are vieable on any platform Locatible Digital automates most of the work.

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Real-Time Sync

All Task-Lists, Cuts, Exceptions, Changes Sync and display on Tablet in Real-Time with our platform.

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email sync


Remove Guess Work

Remove Guess work, and Human Errors Locatible Digital Automates, anticipates, executes automatically. Making your Facility a lot more efficent.

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Locatible Options
Locatible Digital
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Locatible Vision
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Locatible Platinum
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Digital Task Lists
Dock Monitors
Locatible Instant Chat
hot Vision
Drop / Pick Automation
Analytics Plus
Reporting Plus
Locatible Yard
Carrier Login
Reporting PLATINUM

Why choose Digital by Locatible?

Real Time

Automated Processes

by Locatible
Reduce Labor Cost

Frequently Asked Questions lOCATIBLE Digital

How long until we have our initial outlay returned?
  • Each RDC / FDC is different in size / throughput / number of operators and so forth. Typically a RDC / FDC will have their initial investment returned through savings in 12 months or less. Locatible can provide proof of this happening in existing client facilities. .

Is the system complex to use?
  • Not at all, as it is semi-automated, Locatible does all the heavy lifting. We have designed it with existing clients and operators who use it on the floor also. Making it simple to use. As I say, if my father can use it anybody can use it (and he can barely send a SMS).

After we onboard Locatible, how often do you communicate with us?
  • It is imperative that we speak regularly with existing clients and operators who use the system. We hold regular town hall meetings, in these meetings we talk about what is liked and not liked within he system, where people may find a feature and need better understanding, We also ask what features does it need to improve and we implement from feedback. The system is built by people like you, who need it.

Can you explain the level of training and support provided?
  • Absolutely, firstly Training – We provide extensive training to all employees, before we go live, we stay on site for a period of two weeks after we go live just in case people have questions, which of course they do. To change habits is a journey, and Locatible walks with you through the journey.

    Secondly Support – Locatible support is available 24/7/365, We have different levels, we have a ticket system, instant support chat and also a dedicated support telephone for your facility. When you need us we are there.