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Forklifts performance increase

Using the latest technology can bring logistics into the next level of efficiency. Technology advances like indoor location, smart clamp trucks, IoT, Big Data bring ROI which can be counted in months while completely redesigning inefficient processes in logistics facilities. How can this be achieved? Let’s have a look at some examples on how number of forklifts / clamp trucks can be reduced by approximately 15-20% or more.

Real-time job list

It often happens , that the list of inventory which was set for loading an outbound has changed at the last moment or some items need to be added right before the truck is about to leave. This would be complicated in the past and danger of those inventory items not making the shipment. With a real-time warehouse, any changes done to inbound or outbound (task list for a forklift / clamp truck are in real-time). Drivers can see items which need to be picked up or dropped on a screen immediately in the clamp truck and if any items are added or changed they would show up when needed (according to optimum route algorithm).

Drivers no longer need to read inventory manually

There is no need for an operator to get off the forklift and read barcodes manually. Smart clamp trucks / forklifts know what they are carrying and know where it is supposed to go. This way, the inbound and outbound movement are seamless which ensures continues movement of inventory and increased UPMH.

Drivers no longer make mistakes.

If drivers pick up an incorrect item or any item is dropped incorrectly, they get alerted immediately. Locatible Smart Clamp Trucks / Forklifts know what is the correct location of each inventory item and knows what is the actual real-time location . This makes the work of drivers much easier, removes any misplaced items and removes time spent searching for misplaced inventory.

Drivers drop items on correct location. 100% inventory accuracy

As mentioned above, drivers drop all inventory in the correct location. Firstly, they are navigated using Locatible optimum routing. In case they drop an item incorrectly, they get alerted and advised on the correct location. Even if they don’t do it, the alert stays ON and the Locatible system knows the true location of the misplaced inventory. All inventory is now located with 100% accuracy.

Drivers take optimum routes

For a driver it is literally impossible to find optimum routes even with a few trips on a task list. With hundreds of items for one load or unload all of them stowed in different locations it is not possible to plan all the pick-ups and routes required optimally. It’s called the, “travelling salesman problem”. In the old system dozens of locations needed to be computed with so many variable permutations, that in fact in some cases it can be impossible to generate 100% optimum route solutions, even for a computer program. This is why the Next Generation Warehouse by Locatible uses advanced algorithms to automatically provide optimum routes to drivers.
What’s more, sometimes drivers may deliberately take longer routes. With Locatible dashboards managers can monitor the optimum route compliance of drivers.

Driver’s performance increase thanks to benchmarking

Facility managers can now accurately monitor performance of drivers. Data which hasn’t been available is now easy to benchmark for the fleet of clamp trucks / forklifts. Speed data, items per carry, trips per carry, time in stow, optimum routes compliance… all this data is available for any driver in any given moment. Each driver is auto emailed there performance metrics at the end of each day.

Predictive analytics helps planning

Not only historical or real-time visibility, the Next Generation Warehouse uses predictive analytical data to help with planning / slotting. Know about capacity of warehouse, performance of clamp trucks fleet and more.

Training opportunities can be spotted easily

Does the driver spend longer in stow area, do they drive too slow or too fast compared to other drivers? Do they maximize their load picking up multiple items always when needed? Facility managers can easily spot when drivers need to be trained for any specific skill and immediately address opportunities to increase individual performance.

Tracking damaged items

No matter how experienced the driver is, they can damage inventory. However, as some drivers may damage more items than others accurate tracking is important. With Locatible Next Generation Warehouse, it’s easy to monitor which drivers damaged how many items, and any training needs are spotted early and fixed with remedial training.
All of these opportunities to increase efficiency are part of Locatible Next Generation Warehouse thanks to using accurate location tracking, IoT, Big Data, Smart Clamp Trucks and Predicative Analytics.