Location Tracking Whitepapers

Feel free to download whitepapers and documents about location tracking in warehousing and healthcare.

Warehousing Location Tracking Whitepaper

+/- 5cm, Real-time Location Tracking for Warehousing

Warehouse operations of today are far from being truly efficient. Stowing accuracy is low, inventory is being misplaced, and they rely far too much on the manual reading of inventory.

Find out more about:
  • 100% stow accuracy
  • Smart forklifts
  • Warehouse performance data
Warehousing Whitepaper

ROI of Warehouse Location Tracking

ROI of Warehouse Location Tracking

Find out more about:
  • ROI break up
  • Results per Warehouse, Inventory, Clamp Trucks and Yard.
  • How can a single warehouse save $1 million in less than 3 years?
ROI Warehouse Tracking

Warehouse Tracking Presentation

Warehouse Tracking Presentation

Download a ppt presentation which sums up the benefits and solutions Locatible indoor location for logistics can provide.

Find out more about:
  • How to incrise driver productivity by 20 - 30%, no more misplaced items, benchmark clamp truck fleet and ROI.
  • What Big Data and KPIs we monitor.
  • How to become the next generation logistics facility.
Warehouse Tracking Presentation

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