Yard Location Tracking & Analytics

Bring the next generation efficiency to your yard with Locatible. Automatise processes, know the pinpoint location of truck trailers, performance data and analytics including predictive data. Increase daily visits, get parking slots visibility, optimum dock doors and manage delayed departures.


Analytics & Performance

Optimum Doors

Delayed Departure

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Pinpoint Location of Truck Trailers

Know the real-time and historical location of truck trailers including what routes they have been taking with real data and pinpoint accuracy. This automates many of the yard management processes that were done manually before and saves valuable time.

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Real-time Yard Visibility

Know which parking slots are in use, which slots are vacant. Allocate optimum slots with Locatible to further increase yard efficiency. Scale the number of daily truck trailer visits.

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Yard Analytics & Performance Data

The power of analytics and big data allows you to better synchronise yard operations, plan smarter, optimise space and reduce costs. Gain speed, availability, performance data, KPIs and analytics.

What is the ROI?

What is the projection of cost savings? ROI can be counted in months.

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More Features

Manage Delayed departure

Get real data about delayed departure. Know when a loading has finished so you never have to pay more on delayed truck trailer departures again.

Optimum Dock Doors

Thanks to our warehouse system, we can send truck trailer drivers to the optimal dock doors which is crucial in reaching the highest level of efficiency in loading, unloading and inventory storage.

Avoid Detention Costs

Thanks to Locatile you keep track of trailers and their utilisation rates, you increase efficiency, get alerted when an unefficient situation occurs... This and more will significanly lower your detention costs.

Alert Engine

Provides notifications to subscribers when exceptions are raised, such as excessive dwell times or shortage of empty trailers.

Facility Map

Provides a real-time view of the facility, showing trailer location and status, with the ability to drill-down to asset details.

Reefer Management

Extends the base Locatible Yard Management System to record reefer information including temperature, fuel level, operating status and alerts operators to ensure regular checks are performed on all reefer trailers at a facility.

Integration Service

Modern web API providing bidirectional data interconnections to PINC’s YMS. Adds value to customers existing ERP, WMS, TMS and MES

User Administration

Locatible provides role based access to users based on their job roles. Administrators create users and assign application functions based on their role. Administration can be centralized of delegated to site level administrators.

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