Forklifts / Lift Trucks Tracking

With Locatible, lift trucks are smart and the work of drivers is automatized to a high extent. Forklifts know what they are picking and are fitted with a screen which tell drivers what to do, including optimum routing and automatic alerts. You know the pinpoint location of your forklifts, clamp trucks or walkies with centimeters accuracy. Where are your lift trucks in real-time, what was the historical location including the routes, all the Big Data and KPIs including the speed of lift trucks, time in stow, UPMH... All of this data is available per each lift truck and driver.

Centimeters Accuracy

Driver Alerts

Benchmark Clamp | Fork Trucks

Big Data

fork lift driver alerts

Lift trucks are smart

Each clamp truck / forklift is fitted with its own screen, so drivers have access to their allocated tasks in real-time. Drivers then know immediately what item to pick up including its exact location and where to drop it. When the wrong item is picked up or it is dropped off at an incorrect position, drivers get alerted immediately. Clamp trucks or forklifts know what they are carrying so drivers can focus fully on inbound and outbound movement of inventory.

inventory location map

Forklift tracking with centimeters accuracy

Where are all your Clamp | Fork Trucks / fork lifts at this moment? Know the exact location of your Clamp | Fork Trucks/fork lifts, view them on our user friendly map and track their historical locations with pinpoint accuracy. We reached the best accuracy on the market what is invaluable in terms of Big Data, inventory management and workforce optimisation.

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Clamp | Fork Trucks benchmark

Optimum routing

Fuel costs, time of drivers and number of lift trucks needed, all these factors can be improved when drivers use the most optimum routes and stows. Planning optimum routes for hundreds or thousands of items is a complex issue which can’t be done by drivers themselves effectively, this is why Locatible is using advanced algorithms to show optimum routes for each driver on their screen. Managers can then access this information and monitor which drivers have been using the most optimal routes.

Managers can monitor optimum route compliance of drivers.
Clamp | Fork Trucks benchmark

Benchmark Lift Trucks

Managers have instant access to the Locatible screen where they can find benchmarks on their Clamp | Fork Trucks such as speed, efficiency, UPMH and other useful data. Locatible Next Generation Logistics allows Clamp | Fork Trucks / fork lifts to be tracked with centimetres accuracy. This level of accuracy is invaluable to tap fully into productivity big data. It has never been so easy to benchmark each Clamp | Fork Trucks performance data with one another. Read more about analytics.

Forklifts performance increased by 15 – 20% and more.
logistics kpi analytics

Big Data with highest accuracy

Locatible unlocks Big Data and Predictive Analytics that haven’t been available before. The highest accuracy of KPIs like (UPMH, Time per Carry, Time in Stow) are available per each clamp truck. Predictive analytics, Real-time or historical data and workflow data are available including optimal routes, most efficient dock doors, stows to use.

Increase productivity by 20 – 30% and more on ROI

Monitor Clamp Truck Analytics to increase productivity by 20 – 30% and decrease number of Clamp | Fork Trucks by 10 – 20%. What is the ROI or Locatible?

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