Inventory Asset Tracking in Warehouses

Pinpoint the exact location of your inventory in real-time with centimetres accuracy, access historical locations and utilise big data on our user friendly map. All of this with level of ROI which we were able to reach thanks to our next generation technology.

True location

No misplaced items

Predictive analytics


inventory location map

Real-time and historical inventory location

Not only where inventory should be according to your WMS but where it really is. Managers can search for any item by it's model or serial number and locate it on a map. You will know in which stow they are. Clamp truck & forklift operators know where the items they need to pick are. Any item can be located immediately and with 100% accuracy. Thanks to location history you can dive right down to the actual carry that placed the item into the stow, route, driver, time.

You can locate any item on the map including historical locations and analytical data.
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No misplaced items, no auditors

Misplaced inventory is a serious efficiency and cost problem in any warehouse. With Locatible you will know where all your inventory is. This completely eliminates the need for 'inventory auditors' searching for misplaced items. Simply open our Locatible dashboard and gain access into your facility to locate any item at any time.
No more misplaced items. 100% savings on auditors searching for inventory items.

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predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics, Most optimal slots

When it comes to reducing travel, Locatible offers invaluable help with your slotting. Make sure that when you get a sales forecast for the next month that models are in the optimum door to stow position. If you are not slotting correctly the system will alert lift truck operators.

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Damaged items tracking

If a unit is damaged or needs to be re-boxed, find out who handled it. Provide better accountability and find out if you have repeat offenders in your workforce. This enables you to identify whether additional training needs to be provided and cuts down on units or carton damage.

Increase productivity by 20 – 30% and more ROI.

Save 100% of costs on auditors, 65% on planner and dispatch. What is the ROI or Locatible?

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