Warehouse Performance & Location Analytics

Bring the next generation efficiency to your facility with Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Real-time visibility with KPIs, historical data. Locatible platform provides the best accuracy of data thanks to location tracking within centimeters.

Predictive Analytics


Optimal Stows & Routes

Labor Optimisation

Real-time KPIs

What is the current situation in your warehouse? Are your UMPH and clamp truck numbers at an ideal level ? What are the Inbound vs Outbound UPMH? Do you need to speed up Outbound carries to be ready for incoming deliveries in a few hours? Is the average distance from dock to stow too high at the moment? Find out the answers to all of these questions by accessing our user friendly KPI dashboards

Historical Big Data

Discover daily UMPH, average dock to stow time and an array of other speed and performance data results. Access daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly figures. Compare them on charts to find the optimal processes for your warehouse.

How can we help your Distribution Centre?

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Asset Tracking Map

Optimal stows & doors allocation

Locatible can help with your slotting to reduce travel times and ensure these models are in the best possible stow to door position possible. Or if you are not slotting correctly the system will alert you to this so that you can make a determination if it makes sense to do a stock movement and bring those closer to the door.

Optimal Route

Find out what is the optimal route per each trip? Drivers and managers will have access to the optimal routes on any given trip and managers will be able to gauge whether a driver is continually taking a less efficient route and how often it is happening.

What is the ROI?

What is the projection of cost savings? ROI can be counted in months.

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Workflow, labor optimization

Keep track of performance of all of performance metrics per each clamp truck will help you further optimize workforce. You will know if they take optimal routes, what are their speed data, how many units they carry or how much time they spend in stow / dock and more. In case units are getting damaged or need to be re-boxed, you can identify the clamp truck drivers which may need further training.

Benchmark Forklifts

The managers can view dashboards where they can benchmark all the clamp trucks, their speed, efficiency, UPMH and other data. Locatible Next Generation Logistics allows clamp trucks / fork lifts to be tracked with centimetres accuracy. This level of accuracy is invaluable to tap fully into productivity big data. Thanks to Locatible it is now easy to benchmark one clamp trucks performance against another's. Read more about analytics.

The performance of lift trucks can be increased by 15 - 20% and more.

Explained in a simple way

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