Logistics Asset Tracking Services

asset tracking

100% stow accuracy is now a reality thanks to +/-5cm tracking

Nobody likes misplaced inventory, it causes high labor costs and delayed departures. With Locatible, smaller inventory can be tracked in real-time, with 100% accuracy and cost effectiveness. We eliminate the need for auditors who search for misplaced inventory.

forklift tracking

Forklifts are Smart and You need 15-20% Less of Them

Smart forklifts & clamp trucks are fitted with a screen, which tell drivers what to pick up, where it is, where to drop, what the optimum route to get there is. It even alerts drivers and sends them back when they pick / drop incorrectly. All of this includes performance, utilization and location Big Data, to benchmark drivers.

How can we help your Distribution Centre?

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trailers tracking

How easy it is to manage the yard with trailers on a live map

Locate all trailers on a live map in real-time. No more last known location. Accurate analytics and Big Data enable you to improve yard processes and increase yard throughput significantly. Allocation of optimum doors and tracking delayed departures saves time and money.

What is the ROI?

What is the projection of cost savings? ROI can be counted in months.

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warehouse analytics

Gain all knowledge about your facility in seconds even while drinking your morning coffee

Predictive Analytics and Big Data make planning and optimization look so easy. You will accurately know the performance of each driver, even things like optimum routing compliance, what time they spend in stow or what their UPMH was each hour. This enables you to plan the exact number of drivers needed. Locatible is focused on KPIs, Big Data and Predictive Analytics.

Explained in a simple way

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