How to optimize warehousing thanks to location services.


indoor localisation

Locatible to Navigate You Inside a Hospital on Your Smartphone with 3 Feet Accuracy

Indoor navigation up until now has been none existent. GPS not only is it not accurate enough, it is not available indoors. Gps will tell you are in the building, but will not tell you which floor you are on… Continue Reading →

Not Enough Hospital Medical Equipment? RTLS Will Save 30% Minimum of Cost on Asset

Here is a fact, the average hospital will own (or rent) over 35,000 SKUs of equipment at any one time. When your head of finance is pulling his/her hair out wondering how to free up some of the budget, mention this… Continue Reading →

RFID in Healthcare: 2 Real Life Experiences

  They also use RFID to tag new-born babies, here I will highlight two cases (two of many cases). However, in the previous post I also covered some studies on the use of RFID within a medical facility. Case number one… Continue Reading →

ROI and How RTLS Enables a Hospital to Save Money Infographic

The US healthcare system wastes more than $800 billion per year out of total national health expenditures of $2.7 trillion according to Institute of Medicine. The demand for increasing efficiency in healthcare is indisputable. However, luckily for CFO’s of healthcare… Continue Reading →

Why RFID Should Not Be Anywhere Near a Hospital

  Also read the first blog post of the series: RFID and UWB is Dead in the Medical Industry. The RFID Journal has come out also with the problems and makes reference to other reports and research carried out. The ‘JAMA’… Continue Reading →

RFID Dead in the Medical Industry?

  There have been many studies and reports on the use of RFID within a medical facility. These reports primarily focus on research and point out why RFID should not be used in the medical industry. But somehow our competitors… Continue Reading →