Our game-changing IoT & location tracking solution has been covered recently by Inbound Logistics in their featured article for this month ‘Supply Chain Management: It’s IoT Time’.

Where’s the Washing Machine?

Kenco Logistics in Chattanooga, Tenn., recently implemented two versions of an IoT technology, one for tracking product in its warehouses, and the other for tracking leased material handling equipment. The technology, developed by Locatible, a Dublin firm with offices in Chattanooga, is similar to radio frequency identification (RFID) technology but uses different technology—Bluetooth and Wi-Fi—and costs less to deploy, says Kristi Montgomery, Kenco Logistics’ vice president of innovation.

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Locatible’s tracking devices are tags that come in two varieties. Passive tags transmit data only when they’re close to a reader. Active tags transmit data to a server periodically, as defined by the user. In Kenco’s case, it’s every 15 minutes.

Kenco tested the passive tags on large appliances in a 40,000-square-foot section of a Kenco warehouse. The goal was to track the location of each appliance, which Locatible can do to within 5 centimeters.

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