How to optimize warehousing thanks to location services.


March 2016

How Running A Modern Hospital Can Be Like Playing A 90’s Video Game

This article was originally posted on Technology.org Ah, the 90’s, the decade that gave us the Spice Girls, the X-Files and the dreaded Furby (aka furry devil). It was a time where innovation and pop culture reigned supreme and there was… Continue Reading →

Get The Lowdown : RTLS For Dummies

    Think of RTLS as a work and asset management system on steroids. RTLS (that’s real-time location system to you and I) is taking the healthcare industry by storm and it’s no surprise considering it can save the average… Continue Reading →

The Next Generation Hospital vs. A Hospital Of The Past + Infographic

The difference between a hospital which has implemented an RTLS (Real-Time location) system and a hospital which has not is vast. Common issues found in hospital’s such as busy hallways, stressed staff, unhappy patients can all be managed efficiently thanks… Continue Reading →