How to optimize warehousing thanks to location services.


July 2015

The Holy Grail of Hospital Infection Control? Know Who They Were in Contact With – in Seconds

“5 seconds rule”: one of the Infection Control alternatives? MRSA, VAP, HAP, UTI, BSI, SSI, are just some of the serious infections hospitals cope with. Not even mentioning the risks of other more lethal infection that might possibly occur in… Continue Reading →

What If I Told You I Can Explain RTLS in Memes?

Who wouldn’t know internet memes? If they can comment any situation on the internet why shouldn’t we be able to explain you RTLS the simpliest way, in pictures?   RTLS (Real-Time Location System) enables hospital staff to find equipment or people… Continue Reading →

Finding a Way in a Hospital “Pretty Much Impossible” for Visually Impaired or Blind

Finding a way in a hospitals for visually impaired or blind can be a pretty rough experience. Often impossible independently requiring help from staff. To understand their position in a hospital we asked some of the visually impaired and blind… Continue Reading →

Locatible to Solve £700m Problem of Missed Hospital Appointments with Indoor Navigation

Missed hospital appointments cost the National Health Service £700m annually in UK according to the latest report by HSCIC. The Guardian states that after asking doctors, attributes a significant fraction of this to navigation problems, especially at large hospitals. However, it’s… Continue Reading →

The Anatomy of Digital Health Startups Disrupting Healthcare

View full size image The Health Revolution We Are Experiencing Right Now A venture capital database, CB Insights, created this ‘anatomic infographic’ with the top healthcare start ups. As they informed, healthcare and life sciences companies raised more than $8B from VC firms in… Continue Reading →