How to optimize warehousing thanks to location services.


May 2015

How Can Locatible RTLS Help a Hospital? 90 Seconds Video Explains it All

      We would love to share with you our new video, were we explain, in only 90 seconds, what we do, how much we can save a hospital, benefits of Locatible, what hospital problems can our RTLS solve… Continue Reading →

Locatible to Navigate You Inside a Hospital on Your Smartphone with 3 Feet Accuracy

Indoor navigation up until now has been none existent. GPS not only is it not accurate enough, it is not available indoors. Gps will tell you are in the building, but will not tell you which floor you are on… Continue Reading →

9 Effectivity Tips for Nurses Where RTLS Can Help #NursesWeek

This year’s Day of Nurses is focused on effective patient care and this is exactly what we do for hospitals. How can a nurse benefit from Real-time location system, save time and make their work much easier and effective? Find equipment immediately A… Continue Reading →

“Strangled with my stethoscope. Twice.” Nurses do not feel safe at work.

The National Nurses Week 2015, which lasts from May 6-12, is a great event to recognize all the nurses for the hard work they do and to acknowledge their strong commitment, compassion and care, which nurses display in their practice… Continue Reading →

Telehealth Reached an Important Milestone + Infographic

Telehealth just reached an important milestone and we think that this is really a big thing moving the entire industry further as the largest U.S. healthcare insurer announced partnership with 3 telemedicine companies NowClinic, Doctor on Demand, and American Well. Virtual doctor… Continue Reading →