How to optimize warehousing thanks to location services.


April 2015

Nurses Spend up to 30% of Their Time Searching for Equipment. We Asked Them What They Do Search For.

 According to a study by non-profit GS1 UK. “Some days it feels like I spend all day looking for this” Does this sound familiar? One of the nurses interviewed really hit the nail on the head. According to a survey made on… Continue Reading →

The World of #HIMSS15 on Twitter Including Top Influencers You Need to Follow

HIMSS15 is a wonderful event that helps all of us improve the healthcare industry, make it more efficient, make people more safe, happy and healthy. But after all it’s a lot of fun for all the HIT geeks and healthcare people!… Continue Reading →

74 Percent of Hospitals that use Mobiles or Tablets are More Efficient

An online survey conducted by Harris Poll on more than 2,000 adults in the United States on behalf of Ricoh Americas Corporation ensures us again on the need to use mobile devices for healthcare caregivers.   Moreover 77% or respondents said “Hospitals are drowning… Continue Reading →

Not Enough Hospital Medical Equipment? RTLS Will Save 30% Minimum of Cost on Asset

Here is a fact, the average hospital will own (or rent) over 35,000 SKUs of equipment at any one time. When your head of finance is pulling his/her hair out wondering how to free up some of the budget, mention this… Continue Reading →

RFID in Healthcare: 2 Real Life Experiences

  They also use RFID to tag new-born babies, here I will highlight two cases (two of many cases). However, in the previous post I also covered some studies on the use of RFID within a medical facility. Case number one… Continue Reading →

ROI and How RTLS Enables a Hospital to Save Money Infographic

The US healthcare system wastes more than $800 billion per year out of total national health expenditures of $2.7 trillion according to Institute of Medicine. The demand for increasing efficiency in healthcare is indisputable. However, luckily for CFO’s of healthcare… Continue Reading →