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Locatible is a key player in our innovation strategy at Kenco Innovation Labs. We are using its game changing IoT inventory management and analytical solution to deliver transformational change to logistics and unlock new value for our customers.Kristi Montgomery, Vice President of Innovation, Research & Development

Why Locatible Real-time Location Tracking?

Unlike gps tracking which doesn't work indoors, Locatible provide accurate +/- 5cm and real-time indoor location based services (LBS). We have developed our own real-time, affordable and easy to install patent-protected tracking technology, which doesn't use RFID or Wi-Fi for localization. We provide our own location tracking devices and locator app which shows location on a map including advanced business intelligence analytics and Big Data to optimize business processes.

Warehousing Location Tracking

100% stow accuracy is now a reality thanks to inventory tracking. Forklifts & clamp trucks are intelligent and driver performance is increased by 15 - 20%. Managing yard is now easy knowing the accurate location of trailers.

Warehousing Tracking

RDC Location Tracking

Warehouseing the future.

Warehouse RTLS

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