Patient Flow Management System

Increase patient movement times, reduce waiting times, know the location of all patient’s, know the length of stay of any patient in any department

Make work of caregivers easy

Reduce waiting times

Patient Flow dashboards

Reduce room turn over times

More Patients = Quieter Departments

Better capacity management is emerging as a key financial strategy for healthcare executives looking to address the impact of reform legislation. Locatible Patient Flow Dashboard, powered by Locatible RTLS platform, was designed to help hospital leadership monitor the real-time status of enterprise-wide flow operations and increase revenue from existing capacity.

An average of 72 mins per staff member per shift is lost on searching.

Big Data to improve Patient Flow

Computerized dashboards have been popular in various industries for some time because their meters, gauges and charts provide instant understanding of where an organization’s performance is versus pre-set goals at any point in time. Now, high-performing health systems across the nation are deploying dashboards to promote quality improvement and accountability. According to a recent report by the Health Research and Educational Trust they’re also using these tools to manage capacity in real time in order to squeeze as much productivity from existing resources as they can.

How can Locatible help your healthcare facility?

How can Locatible move your facility into the next generation and solve most of the safety, efficiency and patient experience problems?

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Patient Flow Dashboards

Patient Flow Dashboards application lets you see a “live” enterprise-wide snapshot, including a multi-campus roll-up, of your healthcare organization’s operational performance, moment by moment. This can help hospital systems avoid bottlenecks and delays as they develop, without the details of reports, which are often geared toward historical trend analysis.

Correct Bottlenecks and Inefficiencies

When you spot a small problem, you can correct it before it becomes a big problem. And that can be a critical benefit to your organization when you consider that optimizing patient flow and capacity is perhaps the most immediate way to improve operational performance.

Benefits of Patient Flow in real time

  • Quicker patient Discharge
  • Reduce waiting times
  • Reduce room turn over times
  • No wasted time searching for patients or assets
  • Know the location of every patient in real time
  • Know if all labs are returned and how long they took
  • Which patients have been seen by physician and which have not
  • Length of stay and time spend without being seen

Big Data Dashboards

The Patient Flow Dashboard is an important element of Locatible’s Business Analytics Division, which was created to give hospitals a finely honed, better-informed approach to managing operations in response to health care reform challenges. Although Locatible has been recognised as the leading provider of actionable data for improving patient flow, its reports were look-backs of the previous day, week, month or year. The Patient Flow Dashboard makes that storehouse of performance data available in the present, so operations can be managed in real time, with immediate transparency and accountability.

KPIs for Hospital Monitoring

The Patient Flow Dashboard displays Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) collected by Locatible’s applications as easy-to-read visual indicators on a single screen. These KPIs generally are presented in graphic form as a ratio of actual performance to target, so users can instantly know if they’re off plan without concentrating on the metric. And Locatible has designed in the flexibility to integrate data from other sources, such as the ED and OR.

What is the ROI of RTLS?

A hospital can save over $1 million just on asset tracking. This whitepaper will show you easy examples of ROI with Locatible RTLS.

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Patient Flow for executives, managers, nurses or physicians

The Patient Flow Dashboard displays performance goals against actual minute-by-minute performance indicators, allowing managers to spot emerging problems and intervene to prevent those problems from growing. It also allows executives and patient placement specialists to instantly know where there is available capacity in the system and in which units. In addition, physicians and other caregivers can be proactive in the flow process by knowing how many patients must be discharged in order to admit new patients. Whether you are an executive, a manager, a nurse or physician, the dashboard has a place on your desk, because everyone has an impact on operational flow.

With the Locatible Patient Flow system, you’ll know at a glance

  • Where patients are and how long they’ve been waiting
  • Patient status (ready to be seen, with physician, in X-ray, etc.)
  • Room status (available, assigned, in need of cleaning)
  • Where patients and caregivers should go next
  • Automatically communicating need-to-know information
  • Giving team leaders the knowledge to make real-time workflow and staffing adjustments
  • Where bottlenecks are causing delays
  • Reducing time spent searching for people and equipment
  • Automating data entry through healthcare systems integration
  • Integrating EMR, Scheduling, Lab & other data into one easy-to-read electronic Floor Glance board
  • Providing historical analytics for continual process improvement

How can Locatible help your healthcare facility?

How can Locatible move your facility into the next generation and solve most of the safety, efficiency and patient experience problems?

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