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The Next Generation RTLS for Healthcare

Our patented 'fusion tracking technology' promises better accuracy, lower costs and no interference with hospital equipment while our competitors still rely on radio-frequency identification (RFID) based indoor tracking, whether it's Wi-Fi based or not.


All RTLS services under one roof

3 feet accuracy, cloud-based indoor location with asset tracking, fall alerts, infection control, ED, bed management, indoor navigation... While staff spend on average 20 - 30% per shift searching for equipment, with Locatible, you will find equipment, patients and doctors immediately. Lost / Stolen equipment costs between $4 - 5,000 per bed per annum. Now you can reduce the amount of equipment needed, increase utilisation, reduce maintenance costs. Healthcare related infections are responsible for over 80,000 deaths per year in the USA. Know who, what was in any room at any time and trace right up to this very moment, all instant. Increase safety with automatic alerts when a patient leaves the desired area, fall alerts, staff assistance button.

Asset Tracking


Big Data analytics, location on a map, nurse call with map location, patient flow...


Patient tracking


Access the exact location of patients, get automatic alerts when a patient falls with Big Data...


Staff tracking


Workforce Big Data with 3 feet location, assistance button, instantly locate staff members...


How can Locatible help your healthcare facility?

How can Locatible move your facility into the next generation and solve most of the safety, efficiency and patient experience problems?

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Enable Big Data, KPIs & Analytics

Thanks to Locatible indoor location you can now follow key analytics on a dashboard created to enhance the performance of your hospital. Having precise data available at all times is an invaluable tool for assisting management in achieving their targets. Our platform provides management with 18 different ‘real-time’ key metrics to allow for this.

What is the ROI of RTLS?

A hospital can save over $1 million just on asset tracking. This whitepaper will show you easy examples of ROI with Locatible RTLS.

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