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Locatible provides the next generation indoor and outdoor location services. We have wide experience in indoor location with analytics in healthcare industry. Now, working closely with our customers, we have developed a turn-key indoor location system for logistics with +/- 5cm accuracy. We are proud to bring this level of innovation to help the logistics industry reach the next generation of efficiency.

Media enquiries:
Peter Kortvel
CMO, Locatible
peter at locatible.com


Locatible Services

Healthcare Services

    Asset tracking and management
    Patients & staff tracking
    Hospital analytics KPIs
    Infection Control
    Patient Flow
    Indoor navigation in Smartphone
    Nurse Call

Logistics Services

    Forklift / Clamp Truck tracking & Big Data
    Yard Tracking & Big Data
    Inventory tracking & Big Data

Healthcare problems we solve in numbers & statistics

Healthcare-related infections annually affect nearly two million people in the U.S. and are responsible for approximately 80.000 deaths. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Healthcare facilities are able to achieve ROI in a matter of months when lost time and replacements costs are considered IT research and advisory firm Gartner
Between 10% and 20% of a typical hospital’s mobile assets are lost or stolen during their useful life. That’s at an average cost of nearly $3,000 per item.
It costs between $4 - 5,000 per bed per annum in lost | stolen equipment. For a 400 bed hospital that is a $1.6 million dollar problem.
Utilisation of Medical Assets is below 45%.
60% of patients who suffer from Alzheimer's & Dementia will wander, and of this figure 46% will die if not located within 24 hours The National Alzheimers Association



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