Who wouldn’t know internet memes? If they can comment any situation on the internet why shouldn’t we be able to explain you RTLS the simpliest way, in pictures?


meme- what if i told you you can find your equimpent instantly

RTLS (Real-Time Location System) enables hospital staff to find equipment or people instantly, which saves man-hours, fights asset loses, increases asset utilisation, and saves cost on assets.



meme 74 minutes searching nurses rtls

This is what nurses need to do, they search on average 74 minutes per shift! Read what they do search for.



meme lock ekg machine rtls

When equipment gets lost or stolen, staff can be helpless… And this one is a true story.




Managing a hospital becomes much easier when you can get healthcare analytics with 18 KPIs including average waiting time, staff in a ward vs. number of patients and many more, all in instant or historical view and exportable.



MEME GRANDMA - is this rtls cloud-based

Now, nurses, doctors, managers and other staff can access RTLS from any device. Cloud-based system makes it also easy and fast to service.



meme - save dollars on equipment    

An average hospital can save hundreds to millions annually just on better utilization of equipment! Download our ROI of RTLS report.


And there’s much more: automatised Infection Control, Indoor navigation, patient fall alert, ED dashboard… Download our RTLS brochure for details.

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