Wandering Management

“60% of patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s & Dementia will wander, and of this figure 46% will die if not located within 24 hours.” The National Alzheimer’s Association

How can Wandering Management ensure the safety of patients? Take a look at this short presentation:

Wandering Management: 5 Ways to Improve Hospital Safety

There are a plethora of cases across the world that report of patients going missing under hospital/facility supervision. The majority of these patients are Alzheimer’s sufferers. This is a gravely serious issue given the fact that once a patient reaches beyond a desired area it is virtually impossible to locate them. Again, think of these cases which occur during the winter months – the outcome could be truly devastating.

 Once they have wandered beyond hospital/facility walls, it can be very difficult to spot a missing patient on the streets. An Alzheimer’s sufferer may not actually be aware that they are an Alzheimer’s sufferer and so do not look distressed or lost – things you may expect from a missing person. Some patients could have lost the ability to speak and are unable to communicate with passers by. Others may have a dishevelled appearance which potentially could see them mistaken for a homeless person and thus the public might not approach them to see if they need assistance.

 This is where a platform with built in Wandering Management plays such a crucial role. Wandering Management can greatly increase the safety of these patients by alerting the hospital personnel immediately when a patient leaves a desired area and by then, being able to find these patients with up to 3 feet accuracy (the alert then goes off automatically once a caregiver reaches the patient).

 Wandering management aims to make stories like “I just took my eye off them for a minute” a thing of the past and could potentially save thousands of lives. This technology is now available across all healthcare facilities and is set to really make a change in the area of patient wandering.





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