60% of patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s & Dementia will wander, and of this figure 46% will die if not located within 24 hours.The National Alzheimers Association

How can Wandering Management system ensure the safety of patients? Take a look at this short presentation:

As you can see, wandering of patients, patients getting lost are a serious issue. There are many cases all over the world of patients getting lost. This is mostly true for patients with Alzheimers. All of them will try to leave the hospital or facility but once they are out there there’s no way of finding them and the families are left devastated. Even worse are these cases during winter or bad weather conditions.

This is why a platform with Wandering Management is a real and immediate help to ensure the safety of these patients. Not only locking the doors but finding them with 3 feet accuracy once they leave the area is crucial. Now all of this is available for any healthcare facility.


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