The difference between a hospital which has implemented an RTLS (Real-Time location) system and a hospital which has not is vast. Common issues found in hospital’s such as busy hallways, stressed staff, unhappy patients can all be managed efficiently thanks to modern technology.


The next generation hospital


Nobody wants to be kept waiting for umpteen hours to get a bed in a hospital, but unfortunately this is often the case. Locatible, however allows for bed turnover time to be greatly increased as managers can efficiently gauge which rooms are ready to be turned down for the next patient thus reducing patient waiting time and improving patient experience.

Managers can also gauge whether they have an adequate nurse patient ratio and implement changes if need be. This can massively reduce the stress levels put on nurses to cope with high volumes of work and allows nurses to take a deep breath and remain calm and collected in the workplace, which in turn will allow for them to feel more valued as an employee.

With Locatible’s desktop map it is possible for staff members to access real time data and easily find out if a patient has received their test results, if they have been seen by a doctor, how long they have been waiting in the emergency room etc. This kind of information is invaluable in any healthcare facility and can improve a hospital’s overall rating and again reduces stress for employees as all vital information is right there in front of them.

Nursing can often be a dangerous profession with a lot of workers experiencing violent threats. We believe all staff deserve to feel safe in the workplace. With Locatible it is possible to call for backup with the click of a button. This panic button system is a foolproof way of ensuring round the clock safety for all staff members, something which should be top of all managers criteria.

At the end of the day happy staff in turn allow for happy and satisfied patients which should be a fundamental aspect in any running hospital. Wouldn’t you prefer to be a patient in a hospital with friendly, rested employees? I know I would.

Locatible gives nurses back the well deserved pep in their step and allows them to fulfill their daily tasks in a pleasant and safe environment.

If you would like to take a closer look at how RTLS can make your hospital run more efficiently check out these posts over on our blog.

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