The anathomy of 69 healthcare start ups

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The Health Revolution We Are Experiencing Right Now

A venture capital database, CB Insights, created this ‘anatomic infographic’ with the top healthcare start ups. As they informed, healthcare and life sciences companies raised more than $8B from VC firms in 2014.

Considering that the largest U.S. healthcare insurer announced this year to cover telemedicine treatement and that according to Accenture, digital health solutions will save U.S. healthcare system $100 billion in 4 Years, 8 billion raised in 2014 still might appear very low!

healthcare vc raised capital 2013 - 2014

The opportunities for start ups a and investors are immense in this moment. We at Locatible, are really happy to be a part of this innovation burst with our patented Indoor localisation platform for healthcare facilities. We know that what we are experiencing right now, is just the beginning of the new revolution of healthcare.

Mobile Healthcare Start Ups to Disrupt Healthcare

Mobile healthcare start ups

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These mobile-centric digital-health startups have collectively raised over $1.3B. 74 percent of hospitals that use mobiles or tablets are more efficient according to a research by Rihoc and also hospital in U.S.  started to understand that mHealth is not only a buzzword.

So put on your seat belt make sure your tray tables are in the upright and locked position and get ready for the digital healthcare revolution to take off!

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