Telehealth just reached an important milestone and we think that this is really a big thing moving the entire industry further as the largest U.S. healthcare insurer announced partnership with 3 telemedicine companies NowClinic, Doctor on Demand, and American Well.

Virtual doctor video visits, which cost normally around $40 – $50, will be covered completely by UnitedHealth’s self-funded customers insurance program, while UnitedHealth is planning to expand this to most of their members by next year. You can read about this also on

This step proves not only a major step to patient experience but with telehealth saving $126 for each commercial insurance visit (according to a study by Dale Yamamoto) it is a huge jump to efficient healthcare.

We took a brief look on this developing trend and we put a few interesting numbers and  telehealth’s main benefits  together:

Telehealth infographic

What is the future of telehealth?

Wearables, healthcare gadgets with smart homes may be an important part of the telehealth of the tomorrow. Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities by a medical futurist Bertalan Meskó, MD, PhD.  And yes, most of them already exist!

We work hard improving efficiency, safety and patient experience in healthcare. This is why we hope to hear more and more good news about telehealth, as we believe it is moving the industry on the right path!

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