Nurse safety

The National Nurses Week 2015, which lasts from May 6-12, is a great event to recognize all the nurses for the hard work they do and to acknowledge their strong commitment, compassion and care, which nurses display in their practice and profession every day. Often, however, the work nurses do comes with a lot of danger too…

“Strangled with my stethoscope. Twice.”

“Things thrown at me including water pitchers, flower vases, urinals, books, and my personal favorite – a pleur-evac.”

“I have been bitten, kicked, punched, and verbally berated.”

“Of course I’ve been punched and kicked more times than I can count”

“I no longer wear my stethoscope around my neck after a patient used it to choke me. Been spit at, kicked, scratched, slapped, punched…”

“We’ve had patients throw IV poles, break garbage cans by stomping and kicking, throw glasses of water at the windows, throw the phone at the window, take swings at care givers…”

These are some of the real-life situations shared by nurses! It really looks that assaults and acts of violence are simply a part of the job of nurses.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2014 that healthcare and social assistance workers suffered an injury or illness at almost four times the rate for private industry overall.

Even worse sounds a report published in Journal of Nursing Administration, according to which 25% of nurses reported experiencing physical violence more than 20 times in the past 3 years, and almost 20% reported experiencing verbal abuse more than 200 times during the same period.

Call for help and know where your colleagues are

With Locatible’s medical RTLS platform, the nurses can call for help any time by pressing a button they wear on a lanyard or they have the option of a badge. Also other healthcare workers can see where their colleagues are to within 3 feet accuracy.

So imagine that your colleague, a nurse, is alone with a patient with a higher risk of violence (e.g. drug addicts, alcoholics, past violence records), not only she can call for help with a press of a button, which she is wearing, you will also know where she is, who she is with, how long she is there and if she is moving all within 3 feet.

For the nurses who want learn how to prevent the violence on a workplace, there is an online course by CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) which is also approved for 2.6 hours of continuing education credit.

In Locatable, safety of all care workers is one of the key issues we are working on and in the next post we will dig into this year’s #NursesWeek topic, covering effectivity issues of nurses work as there is a lot we can, and want to help with in this field. Safety of all care workers is paramount to us here in Locatible.

Also read our previous blog post on effectivity of nurses. Nurses Spend up to 30% of Their Time Searching for Equipment. We Asked Them What They Do Search For.

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