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 According to a study by non-profit GS1 UK.

“Some days it feels like I spend all day looking for this”

Does this sound familiar? One of the nurses interviewed really hit the nail on the head. According to a survey made on 989 nurses: 47% of nurses say that they spend anything from one to six hours searching for items.

With the incredible problems of nurses shortage, overtime, no time to care for patients it’s a wonder that nurses just spend up to 30% percent of their time searching for equipment (according to various reports Gartner etc.).

This time should be spent by providing a better care for patients instead!

“Bladder scanner, Glucometers, Thermometers…” We asked nurses what do they search for


Nurses search for equipment up to 30% of their time

Here are some answers of nurses when asked what they do search for:

“Bladder scanner! We are the surgical floor of the hospital so we need it often, but somehow all of the other units lost/broke theirs and always come and steal ours.”

“IV poles and syringe pumps. My unit had some extra beds that had been ‘overflow’ and now are officially apart of our unit. But the equipment room is never stocked, so you have to walk to the other side of the floor to get your pumps.”

“… and for some reason, whenever you have to take blood, it’s a thirty minute adventure to track down a working thermometer …”

“The glucometers are another story. In my old ED we had them placed throughout the dept and everyone would put them back after they were done using them. In my current unit they’re all supposed to be taken back up the front of the dept after each time they are used, but that never happens. They’re left everywhere, and you do not know where they are.”

What do you search for the most? Comment or tweet with #NurseTime hashtag.

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