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While WSJ noticed the last year that “many hospitals are borrowing strategies from shopping malls to make it easier for people to get around”, right now hospitals are not a single step behind retail, when thanks to healthcare analytics, location big data and real-time analytical dashboards managing a hospital today, becomes more like piloting a Boeing 747 with all the gauges, rather than an old school spreadsheet system.


See the real situation in real-time

How many beds are available at the moment? What are the waiting times? And how many caregivers are at work right in this moment? These are some of 18 valuable KPIs you can monitor even real-time.

ED overview tablet

ED dashboard

Make decisions based on exact numbers

Is there not enough staff members in the Emergency Department? Easy to say for any nurse, that there are not enough people to help out. But what are the waiting times, what are the patient response times… and firstly what causes the problems in the ED? Is it a long Lab Turnaround Time? Not enough doctors? Low availability of beds? Do you need to improve these issues to manage the situation? Or is it really the number of nurses in the ED or any other department. And what was the situation yesterday, when the shift was different while the number of patient was similar? Was the situation better? As you can see there are a lot of questions you can ask first and then there is a lot of data to justify your decisions. Make your decisions bullet proof and decide according to hospital analytics.


Monitor Big Data anytime

All you need is to have a look at your smartphone anytime you need to check the situation in the hospital. That’s really all you need…


KPIs to track

What was the last month’s Bed Turnover, Time Since Last Seen or Equipment Utilization? What was it yesterday or even at this moment? Tracking is the first preposition in making the hospital situation better.

healthcare analytics

KPI Dashboard with healthcare analytics gauges 


Some other data-related benefits of using Big Data in healthcare include:

Historical reports

Now, let’s print the reports, email them or save them into PDF to report to management, hospital president or CFO. Reading this data is not hard as it may look at the first sight. In fact, it’s very simple to compare data like Bed Turnaround Times with Waiting Times, Alert Response Times with Staff levels vs. number of patients or have a look at discrepancies in various wards or during different hours, days of the week. This is why we are preparing for you at the moment the Ultimate Guide to 18 Healthcare Analytics. After reading this you will see how easy it is to improve processes in your hospital and you will hardly understand how you had been able to work without it in the past.


Justify your budgets

Many managers have a clear idea already what needs to be improved in order to increase Patient Flow or safety… (it might be a correct idea or not) but what budget to improve the situation will you get from higher management for your project if you can’t say in numbers what is the situation now and what will be the situation after the improvements? Higher management think in numbers and now it’s easy to provide them with real numbers. We’ll cover more about this topic in one of our later posts, so subscribe not to miss it.


Share data with nurses

We’ve explained why to share data with nurses in the past. Transparency is the key to make your employees engaged. Nurses will hardly understand that the KPIs need to improve in order to make your hospital a safer place if they don’t know what the KPIs are right now, what they can be in the future or what they were a week ago when their colleagues managed to cut waiting times to a half etc. And what about sharing the relevant data with nurses so that they can follow them in real-time on their smartphones? (You might even think of tying the benefit system to reaching some KPI milestones.)

Any hospital pilots to share their experience? We are looking forward to answer your comments!

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