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Indoor navigation up until now has been none existent. GPS not only is it not accurate enough, it is not available indoors. Gps will tell you are in the building, but will not tell you which floor you are on or which room you are in, if at all. That is simply not good enough.

Locatible’s patent-pending technology steps in!

Locatible is the leading technology in indoor positioning and navigation. We use BLE with source fusion along with our advanced algorithms to get accurate location. Locatible will guide you directly to the actual chair you are sitting on, navigate you floor by floor, with turn by turn directions, giving you not only accurate guidance to where you need to go, but give you distance and time to your destination. It will even remember where you parked your car!

If that wasn’t enough, we have also added voice, for the visually impaired or blind. This will through voice guide your visitors to their chosen location, but also around obstacles for example tables which would be in there way.

Most of the hospital services and processes are designed for the staff.  Would it make sense to transfer more responsibilities to patients while improving visitor experience at the same time? Would it be possible to free resources while giving patients better, personalized services?

Hospitals are very large, complex and difficult to navigate, which results in stress and frustration for patients and visitors; late or missed appointments and the resulting costs; and lost staff productivity. In addition, hospitals are very focused on the “patient experience,” which makes this an increasingly important competitive differentiator. Hospitals that embrace this technology will increase their patient numbers and loyalty. Patients would not consider going back to a hospital where they stumble around aimlessly getting lost and increasingly frustrated in the process. Not to mention the benefits to staff, who won’t be interrupted in their vital clinical role to provide directions or assist patients in getting from A to B. Our navigation is step by step navigation, showing distance and time to destination, also voice enabled for the visually impaired / blind.

All on your smartphone.

The user be it a visitor, patient, employee will download the hospital app and once loaded it is as easy as using any map application.


  • Exact position with 3 feet accuracy
  • Reduce late appointments
  • Increase Patient Loyalty
  • Improve patient / visitor experience
  • Distance and direction to the desired location
  • Navigation through the area
  • Tangible assets standing in the way avoided
  • Visitor flow analytics for management
  • Wheel chair accessible routes
  • Voice enabled for visually impaired and blind
  • Indoor & outdoor navigation: Navigate from a parking spot to the correct reception
  • Geo-fencing: Recognize when patient arrives at the lobby to create automatic registration
  • Interactive directories


For management this will provide key KPIs on visitor stats, where they went, what they were looking for, how long they stayed and so forth.

Push notifications to your smartphone

Management can also send messages to users, reducing missed or late appointments, enhancing patient engagement. Hospitals will also benefit by improving their hospital score and improving stage 2 goals. Making the visitor experience to your medical facility more enjoyable, helping you create a higher HCAHPS score.

Locatible is the most accurate indoor position platform available in the medical space. Locatible’s platform solves a lot of problems within a hospital, patient flow, waiting room, asset management and management KPIs in real time.

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