An online survey conducted by Harris Poll on more than 2,000 adults in the United States on behalf of Ricoh Americas Corporation ensures us again on the need to use mobile devices for healthcare caregivers.

Mobile Tablet Healthcare Survey 1


Moreover 77% or respondents said “Hospitals are drowning in paperwork, which cuts into the time healthcare workers are able to spend with patients”.

Healthcare Mobile Tablet 2


Hospitals which use tablets and mobile can go much further. Imagine that any hospital equipment you are searching for any patient or colleague can be located on your mobile or tablet. In Locatible, we are providing an RTLS on cloud, based on innovative BLE technology. What does this mean? Bluetooth provides a true and stable real-time solution which is accessible from any mobile device (even your personal smartphone).

Read the full article about the report by Harris Poll on their website.

Any experience with using mobile devices in your facility?

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