HIMSS15 is a wonderful event that helps all of us improve the healthcare industry, make it more efficient, make people more safe, happy and healthy. But after all it’s a lot of fun for all the HIT geeks and healthcare people! Do you want to keep updated about what is trending? Stay connected with the top people from the HIT sphere!


See the World of #HIMSS15 on Twitter

See the 300 top influencers on the map of HIMSS15 we created. The bigger influencer, the bigger circle. When you hover over the circle you can also see which top influencers are they following. Click on the circle for more details.

So who are the top influencers you should definitely follow?

The top influencers were analysed with a tool to stay objective. However if you feel that we are missing somebody let us know in comments.

Hmm… and after all the following why wouldn’t you follow the most innovative RTLS company in healthcare? We love to engage and tweet some latest HIT news and stats! @locatible

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