infection 5 second rule“5 seconds rule”: one of the Infection Control alternatives?

MRSA, VAP, HAP, UTI, BSI, SSI, are just some of the serious infections hospitals cope with. Not even mentioning the risks of other more lethal infection that might possibly occur in your hospital like Ebola or different mutations of influenza.

No wonder that Bill Gates, when asked about the deadliest thread to humankind, said infection. The 59-year-old billionaire believes there is “well over 50%” chance of major outbreak of disease happening in his lifetime.

One in 25 Patients End Up with Hospital-Acquired Infections

According to a report by CDC, Healthcare-related infections annually affect nearly two million people in the U.S. and are responsible for approximately 80.000 deaths and one in 25 Patients End Up with Hospital-Acquired Infections. That amounts to just over 205 deaths from hospital-acquired infections every day of the year! ”

What do you do when you have a patient with a contagious infection?

What do you do when you have a patient with a contagious infection? Put them into a quarantine… and what’s next? Who else is in risk of being infected? Who was in contact with the person? Which equipment was in the same room during the week? Which areas did the patient visit, on which chair did he sit on?

Infection Hospital Infographic

Patients wear bracelets and get located in real-time

Today, patients can wear small bracelets made of medical silicone on their wrists. Equipment is tagged too. With real time location with 3 feet accuracy hospitals can know answers to many questions they would only dream of before…
With Locatible RTLS Infection Control hospitals can turn the location big data into real time action. Locatible can aswer questions:

  • Who may have been exposed
  • Which patients, equipment & areas are contagious
  • Which patients are at higher risk
  • Which areas
  • Table / map view
  • Real-time, instant reports, In any time frame
  • The location tags can be sterilized

All this data is available in seconds and enables hospital to do the fastest decisions to stop the infection spread.

Just imagine what would be you possibilities to cope with infection, make patients safe, shorten the average time of stay and increase your hospital scores…

Feel free to share your experience in comments.

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