FDA-approved digital health solutions – an internet-connected device or software created for detection or treatment of a medical indication – achieved $6 billion in cost savings in 2014, primarily driven by medication adherence, behavior modifications and fewer emergency room visits.

digital health $100 bilion 4 years

Accenture expects that figure to rise to $10 billion in 2015, $18 billion in 2016, $30 billion in 2017 and $50 billion in 2018. They also predict that FDA approvals of digital health solutions will triple by the end of 2018, to 100, from 33 last year.

It costs between $4 – 5,000 per bed per annum in lost | stolen equipment. For a 400 bed hospital that is a $1.6 million dollar problem. Locatible RTLS platform solves this problem by making equipment and people visible in real-time. We cover much more about this in our ROI report.

Locatible RTLS asset management
Locatible RTLS in action

And there is much more,

Missed hospital appointments cost the National Health Service £700m annually in UK according to the latest report by HSCIC. The Guardian states that after asking doctors, attributes a significant fraction of this to navigation problems, especially at large hospitals. This is why Locatible a real-time location platform for healthcare can help hospital visitors find their way on their smartphones. We will cover more on this in our next blog post.

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