Nurses effectivity

This year’s Day of Nurses is focused on effective patient care and this is exactly what we do for hospitals. How can a nurse benefit from Real-time location system, save time and make their work much easier and effective?

Find equipment immediately

A nurse spends on average 72mins per shift searching for equipment. Just think about how much time do you usually spend  searching? With RTLS (Real-time location system) you can find equipment in seconds through our screens, the nurses station and even on your phone!

Use your smartphone

75% or hospitals which use mobiles or tablets are more efficient! What about using your smartphone for your daily work? Not only for finding equipment, doctors, colleagues, patients… a cloud-based solution can provide you with a fully working RTLS platform in your smartphone or tablet.

Rooms to be cleaned and prepared immediately

With RTLS, the cleaning personal can see which rooms need to be cleaned and be ready immediately. This lowers bed turnover time and you can be sure that a bed will be ready for patients when you need it.

Get your ED organised

Which patients are waiting, how long have they have been waiting which of them do not have a doctor or a nurse assigned, what test have been ordered? All of this in a table view and map view, our icon based system will save you a lot of time and paperwork. Everything you need to know is tracked automatically without unnecessary need to update a lot of information manually into a system.

Get test results in a click

No need for calls or paperwork, with RTLS you can have patients’ test results in one place, see what tests were ordered, see immediately a result of a test.

Automated Infection Control

No need for outdated spreadsheet system for Infection Control. With RTLS everything is automated to save you time. Thanks to RTLS Infection Control you will know immediately on map or table view  who was in an infected room or area, in contact with infected person or equipment… and where it item or person went once they left the area / room, all of this in seconds.

Track KPI’s

There are not enough nurses in a ward? With RTLS you and managers can access Locatible’s KPI’s which help decide which are the most critical areas. For example: how many staff members vs patients are in any area? What is the average patient LOS, acquity, to many KPIs to ist in this post. This helps with planning the smooth running of your medical facility.

Get alerted

A patient is waiting too long? A doctor has not been assigned? You can get alerted in any predefined scenario. This can help you to provide the care to patients who, at the time, need it the most.

Patient Location

Know where every patient is exactly and locate them. Your patient is supposed to be in Room 3 but is not there, where are they. Or those patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s / Dementia will wander, know there exact location anywhere to within three feet in real time. Ensuring patient safety at all times.

Fall alerts

Knowing when a patient falls has an immense benefit for their safety, however it also helps nurses to be more effective as they help patients immediately when they need it.

So what about using the latest technology to make your work effective?

Anything to add? Share your effectivity tips on #NursesWeek or in comments with us!

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