“Healthcare-related infections annually affect nearly two million people in the U.S. and are responsible for approximately 80.000 deaths”. – Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

The hospital is a place where patients are supposed to feel safe and as though they are receiving the highest level of care so it is devastating to think that it could be the place directly responsible for over 80,000 deaths per year.

In the past hospitals had no means of infection tracking and only a spreadsheet Infection Control system, so hospital borne illnesses spread like wild fire leading to epidemics in the healthcare community.

Thankfully due to constant technology development it is now possible to identify these contagions and develop an action plan to avoid their spread through health facilities across the country.

Here are 5 ways Locatible can help your hospital give healthcare related infections the old one two. 

1. Identify who has been exposed

With Locatible’s tracker device staff can identify who an infected person has come into contact with and take immediate appropriate action. This system could help avoid an outbreak by being able to catch the infection before it spreads and enable hospital management to keep the infection in a condensed environment, thus depriving the infection of the time it needs to progress into something more serious in a hospital.

2. Identify which equipment has been exposed

Again, with Locatible’s tracker device it can be determined whether a piece of equipment has been used on an infected patient and appropriate disinfection methods can be applied – methods which may have not been implemented without this knowledge.

3. Identify what kind of behaviours lead to infections

Perhaps a member of staff has tended to an infected patient and forgotten to wash their hands after? There are a multitude of behaviours which could potentially lead to an outbreak of infection. Locatible helps to identify and rectify these behaviours before they can cause any major damage.

4. Ensure safety for high risk patients

With it’s real time location system, Locatible can pinpoint the whereabouts of patients who may be at a higher risk of infection (elderly, pregnant etc) and ensure that they do not come into contact with anyone who could potentially be harbouring any infections which could seriously effect them.

5. User friendly with automised reports 

With Locatible’s cloud based real time technology it has never been easier to manage the spread of infection in a hospital. Using a tabletop mapping device allows each authorised member of staff to gain instant access to hospital data and also overlook the daily on site occurrences – putting an action plan in place if they notice certain patterns that are contributing to the spread of infection.

The spread of infection in the healthcare industry is a major issue and it needs to be tackled head on. Locatible provides the tools to allow the eradication of these hospital borne illnesses become a reality and in turn save thousands of lives.

Head on over to mercola.com for more on hospital borne infections.

We’re curious. What do you think is the most common cause for the spread of infection in healthcare facilities? Let us know down in the comment section.



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