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Firstly, you can see the real-time situation in your hospital on a live map, tracking patients, staff, and equipment within 3 feet. When any of these patients or caregivers press a button on Locatible bracelet, we can send an alert with their location on the map and even track how long did it take to assist them.

hospital equipment tracking search

While nurses spend on average up to 1 hour per shift searching, with Locatible, they can find equipment in seconds even on their phones. Hospitals can also monitor and benchmark equipment utilization. Thanks to this, nurses spend more time with patients and hospitals don’t need to spend so much on expensive equipment!

hospital analytics

Locatible is all about KPIs and analytics. As an example, here you can see a real-time ED dashboard, you will notice that waiting times are too high (in red) this hour even though there is enough nurses compared to number of patients. However the bed turnover time is too high so it takes too long to assign a patient to their bed. This way hospital managers have an exact and measurable view of their hospital performance!

And there’s much more you can do with Locatible location tracking for hospitals: infection control reports, wandering management, patient flow dashboards, hospital navigation etc.

Download this location tracking ROI white paper to find out more.

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