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Culture Eats Hospital Strategy for Breakfast When You Don’t Share Big Data with Nurses

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” according to an old business saying. This is more than true for nurses, as it sometimes looks like they have their own culture and environment within a hospital. To make them embrace hospital goals, process… Continue Reading →

#HealthTech Update: Prosthetics with Touch Sense, Smart Patch FDA approval, Speech Recognition, Digital Psychotherapy

Prosthetics with touch sense: The first person with a real touch sense Did it look unreal and futuristic when Luke Skywalker had his hand substituted by a fully working prosthetic? Today, we are not far away… Thanks to the research… Continue Reading →

Higher ED Waiting Times Cause Higher Mortality when Housekeepers Play Cards

Dr. Thomas A. Sharon, R.N., M.P.H., D.N.P. is a published author, lecturer and internationally known expert in the prevention of medical errors, patient safety and nursing. He is an Evidence-Based Patient Safety and Outcomes Improvement Consultant. Shortening Emergency Department Waiting Times… Continue Reading →

Wandering Management: 5 Ways to Improve Hospital Safety

60% of patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s & Dementia will wander, and of this figure 46% will die if not located within 24 hours.The National Alzheimers Association How can Wandering Management system ensure the safety of patients? Take a look… Continue Reading →

#HealthTech Influencers Week: Genome Overwhelming Data, E-health to Battle Heart Disease, Social Media to Find Water, mHealth to reach $49.12 billion

  #HealthTech leaders and infuencers shared some exciting stories this week! DVDs stacked up to the space to store genome data sequenced by 2025? Thanks to @LionelREICHARDT for this story! Scientists are predicting that genomics — the field of sequencing human DNA… Continue Reading →

The Holy Grail of Hospital Infection Control? Know Who They Were in Contact With – in Seconds

“5 seconds rule”: one of the Infection Control alternatives? MRSA, VAP, HAP, UTI, BSI, SSI, are just some of the serious infections hospitals cope with. Not even mentioning the risks of other more lethal infection that might possibly occur in… Continue Reading →

What If I Told You I Can Explain RTLS in Memes?

Who wouldn’t know internet memes? If they can comment any situation on the internet why shouldn’t we be able to explain you RTLS the simpliest way, in pictures?   RTLS (Real-Time Location System) enables hospital staff to find equipment or people… Continue Reading →

Finding a Way in a Hospital “Pretty Much Impossible” for Visually Impaired or Blind

Finding a way in a hospitals for visually impaired or blind can be a pretty rough experience. Often impossible independently requiring help from staff. To understand their position in a hospital we asked some of the visually impaired and blind… Continue Reading →

Locatible to Solve £700m Problem of Missed Hospital Appointments with Indoor Navigation

Missed hospital appointments cost the National Health Service £700m annually in UK according to the latest report by HSCIC. The Guardian states that after asking doctors, attributes a significant fraction of this to navigation problems, especially at large hospitals. However, it’s… Continue Reading →

The Anatomy of Digital Health Startups Disrupting Healthcare

View full size image The Health Revolution We Are Experiencing Right Now A venture capital database, CB Insights, created this ‘anatomic infographic’ with the top healthcare start ups. As they informed, healthcare and life sciences companies raised more than $8B from VC firms in… Continue Reading →

Digital Health Solutions to Save U.S. Healthcare System $100 Billion in 4 Years

FDA-approved digital health solutions – an internet-connected device or software created for detection or treatment of a medical indication – achieved $6 billion in cost savings in 2014, primarily driven by medication adherence, behavior modifications and fewer emergency room visits…. Continue Reading →

How Can Locatible RTLS Help a Hospital? 90 Seconds Video Explains it All

      We would love to share with you our new video, were we explain, in only 90 seconds, what we do, how much we can save a hospital, benefits of Locatible, what hospital problems can our RTLS solve… Continue Reading →

Locatible to Navigate You Inside a Hospital on Your Smartphone with 3 Feet Accuracy

Indoor navigation up until now has been none existent. GPS not only is it not accurate enough, it is not available indoors. Gps will tell you are in the building, but will not tell you which floor you are on… Continue Reading →

9 Effectivity Tips for Nurses Where RTLS Can Help #NursesWeek

This year’s Day of Nurses is focused on effective patient care and this is exactly what we do for hospitals. How can a nurse benefit from Real-time location system, save time and make their work much easier and effective? Find equipment immediately A… Continue Reading →

“Strangled with my stethoscope. Twice.” Nurses do not feel safe at work.

The National Nurses Week 2015, which lasts from May 6-12, is a great event to recognize all the nurses for the hard work they do and to acknowledge their strong commitment, compassion and care, which nurses display in their practice… Continue Reading →