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How to Monitor Hospital Waiting Times in Real-time?

ED waiting times provide a clear indication of hospital's performance and the quality of patient care. Waiting time is one of the first things a patient notices after arriving at your hospital....

3 Gifs Explaining Why You Need Location Tracking in Your Hospital

Firstly, you can see the real-time situation in your hospital on a live map, tracking patients, staff, and equipment within 3 feet. When any of these patients or caregivers press a button on Locatible bracelet, we can send an alert with… Continue Reading →

Locatible at Arab Health 17 the Biggest Healthcare Event in The Middle East

We would like to thank participants and organizers of Arab Health 17 and many of you who stopped by our stand at Arab Health 2017 in Dubai. It was a great experience bringing a lot of networking opportunities and a great opportunity… Continue Reading →

Not Enough Hospital Beds? You Don’t Need More Beds Thanks to Accurate Data

The CDC calculated that given a 275-bed hospital if the average length of stay could be reduced by just 4 hours, that would be equivalent to adding 10 additional hospital beds to the facility. The Length of stay is the leading KPI,… Continue Reading →

How Running A Modern Hospital Can Be Like Playing A 90’s Video Game

This article was originally posted on Technology.org Ah, the 90’s, the decade that gave us the Spice Girls, the X-Files and the dreaded Furby (aka furry devil). It was a time where innovation and pop culture reigned supreme and there was… Continue Reading →

Get The Lowdown : RTLS For Dummies

    Think of RTLS as a work and asset management system on steroids. RTLS (that’s real-time location system to you and I) is taking the healthcare industry by storm and it’s no surprise considering it can save the average… Continue Reading →

The Next Generation Hospital vs. A Hospital Of The Past + Infographic

The difference between a hospital which has implemented an RTLS (Real-Time location) system and a hospital which has not is vast. Common issues found in hospital’s such as busy hallways, stressed staff, unhappy patients can all be managed efficiently thanks… Continue Reading →

5 Ways You Can Make Your Hospital An Infection Free Zone

“Healthcare-related infections annually affect nearly two million people in the U.S. and are responsible for approximately 80.000 deaths”. – Centres for Disease Control and Prevention The hospital is a place where patients are supposed to feel safe and as though they are receiving the highest… Continue Reading →

Wandering Management: A Breakthrough in Improving Hospital Safety

“60% of patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s & Dementia will wander, and of this figure 46% will die if not located within 24 hours.” The National Alzheimer’s Association How can Wandering Management ensure the safety of patients? Take a look at… Continue Reading →

3 Simple Rules to Get Budget Approval for Improving Patient Flow

  It’s January, still a great time to get your budget approved! Even though what many hospitals are experiencing are the issues with efficiency and patient flow, it can be really hard to get any budget approved for these deeply… Continue Reading →

In the previous post we explained shortly the advantages of patient location tracking. This time we will close up to the location of caregivers. Being able to find care workers immediately is not the only benefit of hospital staff location tracking…. Continue Reading →

How can Locatible RTLS Help a Hospital? 90 Seconds Video

In this video, we are explaining in only 90 seconds, what we do, how much can a hospital save on asset management with Locatible, what problems in a hospital we can save and what features can L...

5 Advantages of Patient Location Tracking

Let’s have a look at patient location this time. Here are 5 basic benefits of patient location tracking summed up. There’s much more you can get from patient location moreover when this is combined with full Healthcare RTLS, indoor location… Continue Reading →

Managing a Hospital Today is Like Piloting a Boeing 747 with All the Gauges

While WSJ noticed the last year that “many hospitals are borrowing strategies from shopping malls to make it easier for people to get around”, right now hospitals are not a single step behind retail, when thanks to healthcare analytics, location… Continue Reading →

7 Basic Ways to Improve Patient Flow with RTLS

Indoor navigation or RTLS (Real-Time Location System) is the cornerstone of any improvements of Patient Flow in any hospital. RTLS provides you with location Big Data analytics which are invaluable to find any bottlenecks and thanks to specific dashboards (ED… Continue Reading →